About Us

Our consultative approach begins with understanding a client’s unique needs, objectives and requirements. In doing so, we can tailor our approach to the client’s specific goals.

We advocate building well- diversified investment portfolios, developed through robust modeling of risk and return expectations across various market environments.

Diversifying by asset class, investment strategy and individual manager is critical to the long-term success of our clients’ investment portfolios.


Our approach to providing investment consulting and advisory services is guided by three key principles:

Direct Access: Clients require ongoing, direct access to experienced investment consulting professionals.
Focused Relationships: To provide superior service, consultants should be responsible for a limited number of client relationships.
Collaboration: By leveraging the collective experience of our seasoned professionals we are well positioned to deliver critical insights and creative bespoke solutions to our clients.


We develop long-term equilibrium return expectations and modify them to reflect current market dynamics. At the implementation stage, we evaluate the full range of options available to a client, including active and passive strategies and the full spectrum of investment vehicles.

Research is the foundation of our organization; therefore, our research professionals’ industry contacts and experience are key assets. All of our research professionals are responsible for manager research and broad asset class coverage, including monitoring and reporting on industry/market trends and proactively generateing new ideas for client portfolios.