Proactive, Objective Investment Consulting

Discretionary Solutions: Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary

Plan sponsors and other institutional investors are generally quite familiar with the “discretionary consulting” and “OCIO” (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer) trend at this point. While we agree that the movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, Rocaton views this as a natural evolution and not the industry revolution that many would claim. Investors have long been demanding a higher level of services and greater input from their advisors and allowing advisors to have discretion over a range of investment decisions is consistent with this trend.

Against this backdrop, Rocaton’s John Nawrocki, Managing Director, Investment Solutions, discusses why the decision to go with a particular discretionary provider should focus on the advisor’s experience and stability, as well as the alignment of interests between the client and the advisor.

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Investing in Private Equity Secondaries

Rocaton believes that, while investors’ objectives and risk tolerance vary, the potentially shortened J-curve, anticipated supply of transactions, and number of experienced fund managers coming to market present a compelling argument for secondaries as a component of broadly diversified portfolios.

In this article, Carla Haugen, Head of Private Equity Research, answers questions about the benefits and issues associated with investing in private equity secondaries.

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Getting to Know Rocaton

Rocaton opened its doors in April of 2002 with the singular goal of being a premier investment advisory firm. Today, Rocaton employs over 50 professionals who serve clients that collectively have approximately $300 billion in assets. Rocaton’s Robin Pellish, CEO and co-founder, answers questions about the early days of the company, how it has evolved over the years, and its differentiating characteristics.

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Investing in Commodities

The potential benefits associated with including commodities in an institutional investor's portfolio include increased diversification and improvement in the portfolio's inflation hedging properties.

In this article, David Morton, Co-Head of Alternatives Research, answers questions about the benefits and issues associated with investing in commodities.

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Active Fixed Income in an Uncertain World

As you may be aware, active fixed income management generally had a disappointing third quarter.  A number of factors resulted in a substantial flight to quality, with the yield on the 10-year US Treasury reaching levels not seen since the 1940s.  Several of the factors that drove heightened risk aversion during the third quarter remain in place today.

Against this backdrop, Lisa Florentine, Head of Fixed Income Research, discusses the fixed income market and what role active management strategies play in today’s macro-driven environment.

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Recent Market Volatility

A Perspective from Rocaton’s Asset Allocation Team.  For many investors, the recent spike in volatility has brought back vivid memories of the 2007/2008 economic crisis.  In this piece, Rocaton’s Asset Allocation Team examines recent market volatility and discusses strategies that may assist investors in this uncertain environment.

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