As an organization, Rocaton has partnered with insurance companies since 2002.  We work closely with each insurance client to understand their business goals and investment objectives, mindful of the specific limitations to which they are subject, including statutory, rating agency, tax and capital requirements.  Our investment professionals have extensive experience advising clients, and we approach insurance investment advice for clients from an enterprise-wide perspective.  Importantly, Rocaton’s insurance practice draws upon expertise and resources across the firm, particularly asset allocation and manager research.


Rocaton’s objective is to help our clients achieve long-term success through:

  • Strategy Development: Understand each client’s objectives relative to their specific insurance business and develop investment strategy based on return objectives and risk constraints
  • Current Assessment: Analyze the existing investment portfolio and optimize investment structure relative to existing and pro forma asset allocation framework
  • Implementation: Identify investment products that reflect client objectives and can be implemented in a cost-effective manner
  • Monitoring: Assess market conditions and product/manager performance to help clients make informed strategic and tactical decisions, relative to their objectives and constraints
  • Reporting: Provide analysis and reports that are effective, efficient, and useful to staff and boards